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New Blog coming

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a new blog that will contain information on well being, spirituality, divination and more. Over time this one will be deleted.

For now, all the posts and information are posted on Instagram. You will find information on astrology, how to work with moon energy, tarot, emotional healing, personal well being, animal totems, dream symbolism and more.

Please check out the website for offerings and sessions.

You can receive:

a Block-Buster session in which you are cleared of old emotions and  frequencies or

Love Sessions that will actually bring in new love for you.

Don't hesitate to send me your questions.

Much love xx



Problems with the mind-heart connection? Simple solutions: just stop it

A fair bit of my clients are professional, career orientated, educated women. They come to me because they feel something in their life is 'missing'. What they have in common is difficulties balancing between the mind-heart connection. Often there's a tendency to overthink & analyse everything or when emotions do come up and are let in they are completely overwhelmed & only see the doom.

They come to me because of my analytic background in journalism & the spiritual side of meditation & card readings.

Simple solutions for feeling better?

+ Stop overanalysing, planning & thinking it out. You will understand when you will actually work with your proces (NOT found in the mind & information)

+ Stop analysing what you feel & why! It's your mind labelling emotions!

+ Stop trying to fix yourself. You are fine as you are. The more you think you need "fixing", the more you keep your desires away from you.

+ Just stop it, stop worrying about possible, likely, maybe, could be, outcomes. Try it for a month: every time you want to think things over, tell yourself you do it later & then get on with what you are doing. Focus on action & that's it.

+ Release any expectations.

+ Stop comparing your life to others. There's always someone prettier, smarter, more achieved, etc. But that's okay! You are you. Look at all your lovely assets.

+ Stop having opinions about what others should do, be, act. It only shows your own insecurities & feelings if imperfection and will keep your desires away from it.

+ Stop feeling a victim of circumstances & take your power back.

+ Stop looking at what you think you don't have and should.

I know this is all put ridiculously black & white & we all have different stories, but just see how this works for you. We all have limited time on earth and we can decide how we want to use it. Wouldn't it be bliss to make it easy for yourself?
Love & light!


On manifestation

To share a little bit on my journey and on #manifesting. I've been travelling frequently the past year. It all beautifully came together since I set the intention to travel more, speak English more frequently & I have a love of islands and the ocean & set the intention to stay there. Then opportunities started coming up almost automatically.
When they came to pass I knew I had to take them even though it made my schedule very rushed and I couldn't arrange everything 100 % properly (hint: forget about wanting to do everything perfect. It never does. The secret is to figure it out along the way).

One thing I do daily is writing down my goals daily so I stay focused on them.

Do desires manifest quickly? Depends on how big the goals are & where you are currently at in life. I've been rearranging my life for over 6 months before it all started to align itself.

Tips & tricks:

1. Get very clear on your intentions.
2. Repeat & remind yourself daily
3. Take appropriate actions. If you want the new to come in, something's gotta give & you might be very comfortable with that.
4. Work on your #mindset & emotional #blocks. Clearing & raising your #frequency gets you into the new.
5. Find mentors, inspiration, examples, meditate or in other words: do get the help that will help you. It's self care.
6. Be willing to change your first #intentions. They often shift & shape into new desires which means you'll have to release your old ideas again.
7. Be very honest with yourself. Do you truly want this? Do you dare to make those #changes & tackle fears & release that what's not in alignment with your desires? This can be people, your house, a relationship, etc.
8. Have fun with it. Feel excited. Try it on something small. There are many books on manifesting available.


Do you currently have Saturn on your Neptune?

This conjunction is a generational aspect, which you may expect to experience at least once in a lifetime.

So what is it like when rules loving, ├╝berrealist Saturn hops on the dreamiest and most imaginative of planets?

- Well, for one you can expect any shells (or cucumber pads) that covered your eyes will drop. Rapidly drop. WTH have you been thinking/doing!? If you've been living in lalarainbowland then this effect might not be that fun for you.

- This Saturn-Neptune conjunction will allow you to either take concrete steps in regards to your dreams and execute them. Or, to just let your dream go altogether, since it becomes clear to you it was nothing but vague wishes and you've been dreaming up castles in the sky, surrounded by unicorns no one can see.

- This may feel like a serious time for you, because the shine of Neptune can't really help you to soften reality.

- You may end up asking yourself: WTF? Wtfuckityfuck have I been doing all this time?!

Good news!

The good news is that this aspects will help you gain a clear vision, So don't sink into a non active what have I done-phase and start using this time to map out your desires and add structure and actionables to it.

Remember that where-ever (in which astrological house) this transit falls, is where you feel and experience it most. The houses relate to topics like family, finance, love, schooling, etc. You can also look up the aspects your natal Neptune makes to get mor insight in where you may experience this.

All in all a time to structure your dreams! Mind you, there's no need to wait for this aspect to map out your dreams though. You can decide to do so each and every day.


Ask your power animals or animal guides for help


Tarot spread for seeking love

This is a simple 3-card spread for when you are seeking love. 

1. What you seek in a relationship
2. The ideal qualities of a partner
3. The ideal relationship

So when looking at this you can eagerly identify the qualities of each card and start applying them. However tarot cards love telling a story.

Here we don't see a partner coming in that much at all. In fact we see someone who's much more into the internal spiritual development and is quite happy to wait and have a non-present partner (Hanged Man). All cards are non-sexual and very internal. Even the Hierophant is internal in a sense since he channels the word of God.
Reading your tarot cards 

So whenever doing a spread like this, look at the overall story of the cards first.

+ Are there many majors?
+ Is there a dominant suit?
+ Do the cards speak of love yet? (Cups, The Lovers, 4 of Wands, etc.)   

So for the cards posted above: 
Yes, this person may very well want to feel a deep spiritual connection with a partner, but it's much more likely that the cards point out that nothing much will be happening if that's the focus. The divine is the partner sought after. If looking for an actual relationship this set of cards shows that work needs to be done ;) 


Tarot and relationships: Are you using karma as an excuse?

Illuminated Tarot

Is he my twin flame or soulmate? Do we have a past life connection? What karmic lessons are we supposed to learn from each other? Karma and karmic relationships in the tarot cards are often hot topics. Beware though, because often relationship questions about karma are being asked when the relationship is not working out, nothing ever happened, you are not in a good relationship or it surrounds an ex from a long forgotten past which you are hoping to get back to.

Often the word karma is used in regards to a past-life connection with some type of unfinished business between the two lovers or even ‘debt’ to pay off to the other.
Then there are the soul contracts; agreements to work on a certain topic and the twin flame concept. Generally karma just means cause and effect.

You can read on it and some cards are more karmic then others. Also try to be honest to yourself. Are you clinging onto something and are you using karma as hope (and an excuse). If there are lots of fights, you are the other man or woman, he/she does not call, there’s abuse, etc. you may have a click, but it’s more likely it is time to release this connection. In each and every moment we can choose which experience we would like to have. You are allowed (and you can) lovingly release.

Is there a connection?
Judgement, Wheel of Fortune and Justice are all very karmic tarot cards. They have the whole reap what you sow feel to them and the wheel makes a circular movement. Just like the seasons, the years and the ages. If time is a circle and the wheel is a circle then you’ve likely been on this plane before.

The Fool is a likely no when asking if you’ve met someone in a past life. It’s a fresh spirit and a new cycle of life. It all depends on combination of cards though. If it would be Judgement and fool, it’s a different story.

The minors could still indicate karma. May of them have very karmic features. Think of the three of cups for example; it could show having been good and/or close friends that shared good times together. Cups is also a spiritual suit. The ten of Cups I have often seen come up for ‘soul family’.  

What spread should you use?
You can use a simple 3 card reading. 

Example: What’s my karma with X? 

Star – 4 of cups – Moon
Shadow (the card at the back of the deck) 2 of cups.

There’s two majors present. Majors represent something of importance. If there are a lot of majors in your spread then karma is quite possible. At the very least it tells you it was (or is) an important relationship that you can learn from.

This sample spread likely shows the current karma (status quo between the two) and/or what happened  in this relationship. A better question may have been: do we have a past-life connection?

The Star’s general meaning is love and inspiration. It also relates to astronomy and ‘star seeds’ if you want to take it a step further. It’s surely a form of ‘higher love’. The two of Cups shows the getting together of lovers. There was love and like between both. The lady in the Star is naked though (nothing to hide/cleansed = no karmic debt) and the pool is our collective subconscious. Which can relate to shared memories in the past and/or knowing each other on a soul level. 

The Star is very much about the soul (or essence) and being the shining light. Then even the 4 of cups can be karmic, because the hill can very well be a burial hill and the tree has his roots in the past. It also shows it wasn’t taken further. The chances were not taken. The Moon here shows more what happened; it all became muddy emotion wise. However, the moon is also hidden energy and in astrology the moon is very important when looking at karma. It reflects the energies and emotions of how you were in the past. The nodes of the moon show karma and future direction.


I would read this as an important connection with a shared history/past which unfortunately has not been completely worked out between the two and/or is not 100% understood. I do think any ‘debts’  and agreements made (especially by the female are cleansed). 

However it does not mean at all there should be any action in regards to this. Life is always in the now and in all fairness we cannot know how it will play out in the afterlife and we cannot verify the existence of contracts. So seeing your relationship for what it is (or was) and still choosing your own path and direction and relationships that are for you well being and make you feel amazing is never a silly thing to do. Your life is always happening in the now. 
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